Private Treaty

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The properties listed for sale by Private Treaty are those that were put to public auction but not sold.  At this point we invite members of the public to view the properties and make offers to purchase directly from us. We suggest that you use our online listing to create a short list of properties, after which you would then: 

  1. Visit the property to make a proper assessment of its value. If the premises are still occupied, you might not be able enter for an inside view, so take someone with you who can make a fair judgment of its value from the outside.
  2. Make an offer -We have a duty to sell the property at a price that is considered reasonable in the marketplace. So do not make your offer too low, to the extent that it will not be considered at all (pay attention to the asking price).
  3. Plan your deposit- Make sure you know where the money to buy the property will come from. When submitting your bid letter to the NHT, you must also provide documentary evidence of the source of your funds.
  4. Set aside money to make a deposit if your bid is successful.



PLEASE READ ALL the Frequently Asked Questions for Private Treaty before submitting your bid. 

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